About Us

ColouredShowerTrays.com has a combined industry expertise of over 100 years. We only source shower trays from BS EN ISO 9001 Quality assured companies, having contacts through all reputable shower tray manufacturers in the UK and beyond. We can supply any colour and delivery anywhere within the UK or Ireland is included in our price.

For shipping outside the UK and Ireland, please contact us for full details.

When you order your shower tray we will initially supply you with a colour disc which will be replicated in the manufacture of your tray. Your confirmation of colour acceptance must be received by ColouredShowerTrays.com prior to the manufacture of your tray. Once you have confirmed your colour with us we will have your tray made to your specifications, palletised and dispatched to you via an approved carrier.

If you have any questions regarding your tray or our service please contact us, our full details are on our contact page.

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